How to Register

Access and Inclusion appointments are available by Zoom appointment only. Please visit the How to Register homepage or email to make a booking.


Registration with A&I involves meeting with a DisAbility and Equity Advisor (DEA) to develop a personalised Education Access Plan (EAP), which outlines reasonable adjustments to support you to achieve your personal best whilst studying at the ANU. This information will be kept private and will not appear on your academic record or transcript. 

In order for the University to adjust a process, provide equipment, or make any other adjustments, the student must disclose the nature and extent of the disability or medical condition. This information will be kept private and will not appear on your academic record or transcript. A&I will then assess the nature and extent of the disability or medical condition and facilitate the provision of support. Students may request that their assessment be reviewed at any time. 

Appointments will consist of a 50 minute consultation with a DEA to discuss your circumstances and develop and EAP. Late arrivals may result in a rescheduling of your appointment.  

 Your EAP may include: 

  • Advocacy 
  • Accessible Parking 
  • Assistive technology 
  • Carer attendance flexibility 
  • Extensions 
  • Ergonomic equipment 
  • Note-taking 
  • Special (alternative) exam arrangements 
  • Advice and assistance for physical access issues on campus 
  • Accessible accommodation


Step 1

Arrange your current medical documentation outlining diagnosis, impact on studies and recommendations for reasonable adjustments.  

Your medical practitioner is to complete the Health Practitioner Report (HPR). Please click on this link for a copy Health Practitioner Report. If you have medical documentation which is no older than 2 years, you may submit this for consideration.  

If you are transitioning from Secondary/High school and have Individual Education Plan (IEP/EAP) or similar additional learning needs documentation, please also forward this with your email requesting a registration appointment at A&I.  


Step 2

 Request a registration appointment via email at attaching the following:  

  • A completed A&I registration form
  • Completed Health Practitioner Report/School/Medical Documentation  
  • From the timetable below, cut and paste this graph into your return email and please write in all times/days that you are available for an appointment and our A&I administrator will email your appointment time to you shortly
Times Mon Tues Wed Thurs Fri
9 am - 1 pm          
1 pm - 4 pm          

Medical documentation

To enable a full and proper assessment we ask students to provide opinions from medical experts that describe the nature of the disability or medical condition and the extent to which that disability may impact on the student's ability to undertake their studies. This allows us to:

  • provide advice on the impact of disability in the tertiary education environment
  • provide advice on the nature of the supports and adjustments that would minimise the impact of disability in tertiary education
  • assist with negotiations and advocacy with other university staff
  • ensure that all students are protected by our policies and disability discrimination legislation.

Medical documentation outlining your diagnosis, impact on your studies and the recommended adjustments to support you in your studies must be provided to Access and Inclusion for assessment.  Please request your medical practitioner to complete our Health Practitioner Report. Alternatively if you have current (no older than 2 years) comprehensive medical documentation outlining the above, you may submit this for consideration.

Students with a diagnosis of a learning disability are required to provide an assessment or written report verifying their condition by a suitably qualified mental health professional, such as Clinical, Educational, Neuropsychologist or a Registered Psychologist or Psychiatrist.