Education Access Plan (EAP) Renewals

It is the student's responsibility to notify A&I for each new course enrolment to ensure that colleges receive EAP information about reasonable adjustments. If students do not renew and/or advise A&I of their correct courses then they will not have reasonable adjustments or supports in place for those courses. 

Registration with A&I is determined by the dates outlined in medical documentation provided. If the support period has expired students will need to submit new medical documentation to continue their registration before a new EAP can be issued.

Please Note: Eligibility time frames depend on the nature of the disability or medical condition. Students with a condition that is variable or treatable, may be required to re-new their registration and provide updated medical documentation after 6-12 months.

Scenario One

Your medical documentation is current and you do not require any changes to the adjustments listed in your original Education Access Plan (EAP) please complete the following steps:

  1. Complete the A&I Renewal Form- please go to this link A&I Renewal Form

  2. Email completed Renewal Form to

Your EAP will be updated to include your new course enrolments and sent electronically to the relevant College(s) - you will be cc'd into that email.

Once your EAP has been issued, please discuss its implementation with each of your Course Convenors/Lecturers/Tutors. This can be done face-to-face or via email.

Scenario Two

Your medical documentation has expired, your medical condition has changed, or you require changes to the adjustments listed in your EAP please complete the following steps:

  1. Contact your medical practitioner and have them fill out the Health Practitioner Report - please go to this link A&I Health Practitioner Report

  2. Complete the A&I Renewal Form- please go to this link A&I Renewal Form

  3. Email your medical documentation and Renewal Form to

  4. Please make an appointment with a DisAbility and Equity Advisor (DEA). 

If you are unsure whether your medical documentation has expired or have any queries about these instructions contact