Guest invitations for graduation

All graduands who indicate they are attending the ceremony will be guaranteed up to two guest invitations. When responding to your graduand invitation, you will be asked to indicate how many guests you have planning to attend the ceremony within this allocation - 0, 1 or 2. If you request less than two guest invitations via ISIS, your guarantee of two guest invitations is no longer valid; you will be allocated the amount of invitations requested.


Extra guest invitations

You can apply for up to three additional guest invitations by entering the ballot. The link to enter the ballot will be listed in your invitation issued by the Graduation Office.

The ballot will open when graduand invitations are sent out and close on the same day the response to your graduand invitation is due. You will be advised of the outcome of the ballot via email in the week before graduation.

There is no guarantee that extra guest invitations will be available as invitation numbers depend on the number of students who are eligible to graduate after the release of final results.

Students must enter the ballot in order to receive additional guest invitations. Contacting the Examinations and Graduations Office in any other way will not result in invitations being allocated.

If you are successful in obtaining extra guest invitations you should be aware that the additional seats may not be next to your original allocation.

Collecting guest invitations

Guest invitations for the December 2019 Conferring of Awards ceremony can be collected on Monday 9 December 2019 from Melville Hall G51 [building 12].

If you can't collect your guest invitations on 9 December, you may pick them up from the Llewellyn Hall [building 100] ticket office one hour before your ceremony. No guest invitations will be issued in the last half hour prior to the ceremony.

To collect invitations you will need to show photo identification. If you are collecting guest invitations on behalf of another student, you must have written authorisation from that student with you when you collect the guest invitations. The authorisation must include the name and student number of the student graduating, the ceremony date and time and the full name of the person making the collection.

Visitor visas

International guests attending graduation must apply for a Visitor visa under the Tourist stream. You will act as the sponsor for your family member's application, and you may need to supply ANU documents (eg. completion letter, program confirmation, enrolment confirmation) in support of their application. For further information on Visitor visa's please see "Visitor Visa Information" listed under resources.