Academic Regalia

It is mandatory for graduands to wear academic dress to their Conferring of Awards ceremony. If you are not wearing appropriate regalia when you register on the day, you will not be permitted to participate in the ceremony.

Academic dress includes: a black robe; a hood/stole in the colour and style associated with your award/s; and a trencher/mortarboard or bonnet (if applicable). If you are having two awards conferred, you will only need to hire/purchase one hood. 

For financial assistance please see the Graduation Ceremony Assistance Program offered by the ANU Student Association (ANUSA) and the ANU Postgraduate & Research Students' Association (PARSA). 

Reed Graduation Services

The University's preferred provider is Reed Graduation Services.

  • Regalia acquired from Reed Graduation Services is guaranteed to be compliant with the Academic and Ceremonial Dress Rule [the University cannot guarantee that regalia from other suppliers will be compliant];
  • Reed Graduation Services is the only regalia provider available on-site to assist graduands at Conferring of Awards ceremonies [if your regalia is from an alternate source, staff assistance for dressing will be unavailable on the day].

By hiring or purchasing your regalia from Reed Graduation Services, you can relax knowing you will be professionally dressed by trained staff and your regalia is compliant with legislation.

Hood/Stole Colours

The colours of each ANU academic college are:

College or Discipline


University wide multidisciplinary awards White
ANU College of Arts & Social Sciences Union Jack blue
ANU College of Asia & the Pacific Terracotta (Orange)
ANU College of Business & Economics Gold
ANU College of Engineering & Computer Science Claret (Dark Red)
ANU College of Law Purple
ANU College of Science Green

ANU College of Health and Medicine

Doctor of Philosophy Smalt (Blue)