Reasons to Study Overseas

At ANU we provide students with opportunities for study at amazing learning destinations around the world.

Studying overseas as part of your degree can provide personal and academic rewards, adding value to your ANU experience. Whether you are focusing on personal growth or career development, going on one of our programs can be life-changing. Some benefits of choosing ANU Global Programs as part of your learning experience include:

Personal Growth
- Gain independence, build your confidence and meet new people.
- Explore your host destination and immerse yourself in a different culture
- See the world and gain new perspective and knowledge.
- Challenge yourself and step out of your comfort zone

Professional Growth and Career Development
- Live in another culture while building skills and gaining knowledge to diversify your career options.
- Extend your network and build international links
- Explore international opportunities to broaden your career prospect.
- Add a competitive edge to your portfolio through your international experience, international experience and new perspectives.

Travel Safe with ANU Travel Insurance Coverage
As an ANU student, you are covered by ANU Travel Insurance when you travel overseas for most programs. To understand your elibility, coverage and how it works, please refer to the ANU Travel Insurance documents below:

Academic Opportunities
- Explore new learning opportunities and participate in courses not offered at ANU.
- Experience a different academic system
- Add an international dimension to your learning experience.

There are various program options to choose from. Take a look at our program comparison page to choose programs that suit you best. We have over 170 partner universities in 39 countries for you to choose from. Explore your options on ANU Global Programs System.

If the university you wish to study at is not an ANU partner universities, then you will need to consider independent study abroad option.

Places are limited and competition is high, so be sure to do your research and prepare early if you want to secure a spot in one of our programs.

Still unsure if studying overseas is right for you? Read amazing stories and experiences that other students have shared as they embarked on our programs.