Program Comparison

Selecting a program is a crucial step to your overseas study experience. Our programs vary in duration, terms, GPA required, year level availability, disciplinary and credit offered and time offered. It is important to fully understand your options to determine the right fit for you. Whether you are looking to study overseas for a few weeks, one semester or a whole year, we have programs that suit your needs.

Read our program comparison charts to understand your options. 

Semester-length chart:

 ExchangeYear in AsiaIndependent Learning Abroad
Study LevelUndergraduates and Some PostgraduatesUndergraduatesUndergraduates, Postgraduates
Length1 Semester1 Year

1 Semester to 2 Semesters

(with approval)

Credits gainedCredit-bearing, 
usually 24 units
Credit-bearing, usually 48 unitsDepends on approval
Tuition FeesPay tuition fees to ANU and study at partner universitiesPay tuition fees to ANU and participate in Year in Asia program offered by CAPPay to third party and apply directly to the university
ProviderANU Global ProgramsCollege of Asia and Pacific (CAP)External Provider (you will have to source this yourself)


Short-course options chart



College-led Programs

Other Short Courses

Study Level

First-year Undergraduates

Undergraduates and Some Postgraduates

Undergraduates and Some Postgraduates


3-6 weeks

3-6 weeks

3-6 weeks

Credits gained

Credit-bearing -Usually 6 - 12 units

Credit-bearing - Usually 6 units

Credit-bearing -

Usually 6 units

Tuition fees

Depends on provider ad course selection - either pay tuition fees to ANU and study at partner universities or pay directly to other universities. See each course for detailed information.



ANU Global Programs

ANU Global Programs and ANU Colleges

ANU Global Programs,  ANU Colleges and external providers.