College Led Programs

Do you want a course that takes you out of the classroom and into the field? College led programs give you the chance undertake part of your ANU degree in an overseas location.

Several ANU courses involve a compulsory overseas component. College Led Programs are designed and led by ANU staff members specifically for ANU degrees. They function like an international field trip as part of an ANU course and offer students the amazing opportunity to combine both study and cultural immersion all whilst gaining credit towards an ANU degree. As the name suggests, on a study tour you will be guided by ANU academics and provided opportunities otherwise out of reach for an independent traveler. These courses are delivered intensively and students may be required to undertake preparatory classes at ANU before being accompanied on the study tour by an ANU academic.


  • Students are able to enrol directly in an ANU Course
  • Participants will be led by ANU academic, gaining intensive knowledge and experience.
  • Courses may incorporate language training, field work and visits to institutions.
  • Assessment is often designed around trip/activities/guest lectures/site visits
  • Courses are tailored towards ANU degree programs
  • Approx 10-20 students per program (varies per program)


Two to six weeks. Study tour courses are held in Summer, Autumn, Winter or Spring sessions.


Study tour courses have run in destinations all across our region including Thailand, Myanmar, Indonesia, Japan, Samoa, Fiji, Hawai'i and Mongolia.


Six to twelve units dependent on college and program.

Current Offerings

Please check with your college/s or search for College Led Programs in the Global Programs System.

More information

Enquiries about these programs and subjects should be directed to the relevant college or school. Please find some links for relevant colleges below