Career appointments

Careers Support Available!

ANU Careers Consultants can advise students and recent graduates on the career implications of their program and employment opportunities, as well as help them understand themselves, their career interests, and how this relates to career decision making and further study.

Confidential consultations can be booked through CareerHub.

Career appointments including Quick Help appointments will continue as per our regular appointment schedule visible on CareerHub but will be converted into virtual appointments using the Zoom platform. This platform facilitates video as well as audio-only meetings and is easy to use. 

All appointments bookings will open again on CareerHub from Monday 23/03/2020 and will be conducted via Zoom. You will receive a separate email before your appointment with instructions on how to access Zoom. If you have already booked an appointment, we will be in touch with more information on how to access your appointment shortly.

Quick Help appointments

For queries related to:

  • Interviews
  • Selection Criteria
  • Assessment Centres
  • Resume rescue
  • Job search strategies (internships, graduate recruitment, part-time/casual work, etc.)
  • Other career-related topics

Please attach a  draft of your resume to your appointment booking, to allow the Careers Consultant to prepare for the appointment.

Careers Consultants may determine that an additional consultation is necessary and can assist you to book subsequent consultations at their discretion.

 Career Planning  Consultations

If you aren't sure about your future career - There are some online self-assessment modules which enable you to explore potential careers with our Consultants.These options can be discussed in an appointment including the best program for you and how to complete them.Another option is to select the  "what can you I do with my degree" extended consultation appointment.

CBE Appointments

if you are a student with the College of Business and Economics, find out about CBE Careers and book an appointment with a CBE Career Consultant on the CBE Careers webpage.