Making yourself more employable

What employers look for

When recruiting for Interns and Graduate recruits employers seek more than just strong academic results and a degree in a relevant field. They seek candidates who possess the technical knowledge and skills, general skills and personal qualities valued by the organisation and a knowledge of, and motivation for, the role and industry.

Commonly sought employability skills include - communication, analytical and problem solving, team work, planning and initiative, leadership and self-management skills.

See The Careers Toolkit and Careers Guide for more information.

What type of experience is valued

You are likely to apply and develop many skills through your coursework but as most other students will also have the same experience the best way to stand out is to show you've applied these skills in different settings.

How can I stand out

Getting involved in a variety of activities during your time at university can help to build this experience, develop and demonstrate your skill set and expose you to different roles and workplace settings which is  also useful in forming and re-evaluating your career goals.