Exams are a part of life for most university students. As an assessment task, they are your opportunity to demonstrate your understanding of the course content. The following pages present some strategies that might help you get through the exam period successfully with minimal stress. The key to feeling in control is preparation, having an effective revision plan and a well-planned strategy for the exam itself. 

The ANU schedules examinations in many coursework degrees. Some are scheduled mid semester to provide you with an indication of how well you are performing or to assess you on the first part of your course. Others - some worth up to 80% of course assessment - are scheduled at the end of the semester during the official ANU exam period.

Your course outline will indicate what assessment tasks will be required for the course and what each one is worth. The course outline may also indicate the format of the exam; otherwise usually your course coordinator gives these details during the semester. If in doubt about the course requirements, ask your course coordinator for more details.

There are a number of practical things you should establish before your first exam at ANU. The ANU website outlines all the rules and information that you need to understand how exams are conducted at ANU and what to do if you are unable to attend an exam due to illness or some other emergency. Also, there is information on what to do if you need special exam arrangements, as these must be organised beforehand.

Preliminary exam timetables are typically published two months before the exam period at the ANU timetabling website. This timetable will tell you the venue, day and time of each of your exams. It is important to check this early so that if you have any clashes you can report it during the time allocated. Changing exam times and alternate sittings are only allowed in special circumstances.

Additionally, find out in plenty of time what materials you are permitted to bring into the exam from your course guide or coordinator.

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