Mind mapping

Some people find mind mapping very useful not only for recording information, but also for recalling it. Mind maps are an idea created by Tony Buzan as a way of visually representing material. Buzan (1995) argued that drawing maps of ideas and concepts rather than lineal lists is much more in tune with the way we think.

Mind maps can be particularly useful in making connections between ideas and forming a visual concept map of a reading, a lecture, or even the whole course. By using drawings, colour and visual cues, mind-maps can also be powerful memory devices. You can use mind mapping during a lecture/reading or you might find it useful to create a mind map after the lecture/reading as a summary of your notes. Making a mind map of the whole course can be a useful exercise during when revising or studying for an exam.

Buzan, Tony and Barry Buzan, The Mindmap Book (London: BBC Books, 1995).



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