One to one appointments

Academic Skills provides one to one appointments to help students with their academic writing and communication skills. Appointments are managed through our online booking system.

At our appointments, working with a Learning Adviser, you will have the opportunity to learn and develop key skills related to writing within your courses. This may involve developing strategies for reading, writing, listening and speaking in English.

Prior to the 45 minute booked one-to-one appointments, you will be invited to upload a draft of your writing. The Learning Adviser will review your work and during the appointment work with you on the clarity and cohesion of your writing, in particular whether you have a clear answer to the question/s, logical structure with adequate supporting evidence. This often involves discussions around critical thinking, academic integrity and referencing. Also associated with this are reading and notetaking skills. The appointment may also cover paragraph structuring, in particular clear topic sentences, expression, and language use.

Typically students have 2 - 4 appointments in a year, but may make more if needed. At each appointment, the Adviser takes a developmental approach, building on previous teaching and learning activities.

Learning Advisers see students from across all the Colleges and have expertise in the understanding of academic literacies as they apply to specific disciplines. 

Peer writing appointments are also available in the semester and last for approximately 10 - 15 minutes. At these appointments students typically discuss referencing, approaching an assessment task and small pieces of writing. No booking is required.