Kickstart your project

 Embarking on a research project can be a daunting prospect. You may be concerned about how you will keep on track, meet your milestones and still manage to fit in all the other important parts of your life. These pages contain some strategies, tools and ideas that you might find helpful in managing your research project.

Taking some time at the start of your candidature to consider some of these issues can help create a smoother ride through your research journey.

Reflecting on and learning from how you have managed time in the past can help you to improve and establish good habits and stick to them. Borrowing ideas from project management to break down and manage the various aspects of your project can make the research mountain easier to climb.

Finding the right tools to help you manage your data will greatly impact the progress of your project.

Finally, all research students will need to read and critically analyse literature pertaining to their field of study. Finding ways to deal with that efficiently and effectively is a key skill you can master now.

We run regular workshops on Research project management. Use the registration button on this page to find out see the schedule.

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