HDR research workshops

Academic Skills offers skills-based workshops for research students. The workshops are relevant to a wide cross section of students, and disciplinary differences are discussed in the workshops. Please register to attend. Registrations are opened a few weeks before the workshop is held.  

Below are the workshop topics on offer. To find out more, please head to our Eventbrite registration page for the full list of dates and times and registration links. 

We offer certain workshops separately for HASS (Humanities, Arts and Social Sciences) and STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics).  

For those students in the Colleges of Science, Health and Medicine, each workshop contributes towards the Science, Health & Medicine Career Development Framework

Attending Academic Skills workshops has been a highlight of my first year of candidature. It's been especially fun sharing and getting to know others while learning valuable skills in a safe, friendly environment.

Structuring the thesis and literature review were really useful as as I'm currently working on them. The presenters were clear and thoughtful and ran well-structured workshops.

I have a much better understanding of the process for getting an article published in a journal, especially the importance of selecting and targeting an appropriate journal. I also really appreciated the tips for dealing with reviewers' comments and suggestions.

I thought the program was well designed and presented. It was fairly relaxed and I liked that it was interactive - attendees made good suggestions and added to the learning. I also found that it was reassuring to hear that other students were doing the same as I have been - good to know I am thinking like others. :) I would very much recommend this course - I gained a lot.

  • Literature review writing
    • Identify approaches to structure and write a persuasive literature review
      •  HASS
      • STEM
  • Thesis proposal reviews
    • Learn key components and strategies for structuring and writing your first major milestone
      • HASS
      • STEM
  • Managing your reading
    • Apply strategies to manage the reading effectively as you prepare your literature review and TPR
  • Thesis structures
    • Develop a structure for your whole thesis and plan ahead for a coherent narrative
      • HASS
      • STEM
  • Editing for style and voice
    • Develop a range of linguistic strategies to become a stylish academic writer
      • HASS
      • STEM
  • Journal article writing
    • Discover how to plan, structure and write an effective journal article
      • HASS
      • STEM
  • Publishing in journals
    • Find out how to target a relevant journal and respond to feedback professionally
      • HASS
      • STEM
  • Presenting your research
    • Learn key techniques for structuring and delivering a memorable presentation


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