iThenticate for HDR


Business Owner:  Office of The Dean, Higher Degree Research.  

iThenticate is a text-matching software tool designed specifically for HDR candidates. iThenticate compares documents to an extensive database of web pages and scholarly content to produce a similarity score and report. This report allows HDR candidates to progressively review their work by checking for originality and ensuring that they have cited non-original work appropriately. However, it should be noted that iThenticate cannot detect plagiarism by itself - HDR candidates should work collaboratively with their supervisor to discuss the content of their similarity report by sharing it with their supervisor (primary and/or associate).  

Project Releases

Phase 1 of the iThenticate Project went live on 12 May 2023. Phase 1 includes release of access to the iThenticate tool through ISIS to all HDR candidates. 

Phase 2 of the iThenticate Project is scheduled to be released later in 2023 (date to be advised, tentatively in July 2023). HDR candidates will be required to submit a similarity report with their final thesis from go live of Phase 2 of the iThenticate Project as part of the existing Thesis Submission eForms process. Further communications will be sent prior to go live. Drop in sessions and other support options will be available to assist candidates and their supervisors prior to and during the change.  

iThenticate and the differences to Turnitin 

iThenticate is intended for research whereas Turnitin is intended for undergraduate coursework and coursework assessment. For more information, please refer to the comparison table below. 

Comparison Table of iThenticate and Turnitin



Target Audience  To be used by Higher Degree by Research candidates To be used by ANU undergraduate and postgraduate coursework students in the classroom setting (i.e. coursework) 
Access  iThenticate can be accessed via Single Sign-On (SSO) through ISIS. Users need to manage their own folders and documents located within iThenticate.  Turnitin is used through the student portal (Wattle) when submitting an assignment. Turnitin does not require any management of the tool by students - it is integrated with their assignments and particular courses. 


iThenticate searches the ProQuest dissertations database and internal documents, which helps us identify more matches to academic sources. iThenticate does not include class papers from other universities, therefore eliminating false-positive matches.  Turnitin does not search the ProQuest dissertation database and internal documents but does search class papers from other universities. 
Document Length The file size may not exceed 100 MB and 800 pages or fewer.  Turnitin struggles with documents over 100 pages. 
Storage  When a document is submitted, the work is not saved into the iThenticate cloud database. 

The a document is submitted, the work is saved within the TurnItIn database.


For more information, please review the iThenticate training material and Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) about how to use the tool, depending on your role.