Academic Integrity Awareness Day - academics and staff

Everyone has a role to play in developing a culture of academic integrity.

As educators, we have a responsibility to model academic integrity in teaching spaces and to equip students with the knowledge of how to behave ethically during their time at university and beyond. 

On 2 August 2022 we hosted a range of helpful sessions for ANU academics, tutors and staff to raise awareness of academic integrity practices. These events were designed to provide educators with the confidence to integrate academic integrity principles into their teaching, research and curriculum.

Recordings of these events are available to view using the links below.

Embedding Academic Integrity into Curriculum

Are you an ANU educator wondering how to apply academic integrity principles into your teaching practice?


Hear Professor Royston Gustavson explain the Academic Integrity Rule and get tips on embedding academic integrity into your curriculum to build a culture of integrity among students.

Video (YouTube)

Staff Academic Integrity Panel

Are you looking for inspiration on how to encourage and uphold academic integrity in your teaching, research and curriculum?


This expert panel discussion explored how to promote academic integrity to our students and researchers through assessment design and best practice. Hear real world examples from experts across the University on how to embed academic integrity principles into teaching and assessments.

Video (YouTube)

Guest speaker - Professor Rowena Harper

Professor Rowena Harper, one of Australia's leading researchers on academic integrity, provided an update on the current national conversation around academic integrity. She presented insights from her own research on students' views on cheating at university, separate findings on staff views around academic integrity management, and held a Q&A around her presentation, the role of assessment design in preventing and detecting cheating, and the organisational factors needed to foster a strong culture and practices of academic integrity.

Video (YouTube)