Resources for students studying remotely

29 March 2021

Unfortunately Australia's borders are still closed, which means only Australian citizens, residents and immediate family members can travel to Australia. We know that studying remotely has been incredibly challenging, so we've compiled some resources that you can use to connect with other remote students, brush up on your English and keep updated with ANU events. We've also included some links for important travel advice and other updates.

Travel advice and the International Student Pilot Program

Unfortunately, the pilot program to bring international students back to ANU has been delayed. This is very disappointing for our staff and students, but we will continue to work with the ACT Government on this program and we will let you know as soon as possible about any updates. You can keep up to date with the latest information, and more can also be found on the travel advice page.

Connecting with ANU and your remote peers

ANU Events: You can keep up to date with all the important ANU news, updates and events (including remote ones) through the ANU Events website. The website has links to podcasts, ANU news stories and links to events run by the academic colleges of the ANU. You can subscribe if you would like regular updates sent to your email.

ANUSA are also creating events and activities to help students meet new people and connect. Check out the following Facebook pages and groups to connect with others.

ANUSA has dedicated representatives advocating for all student backgrounds. You can contact ANUSA's International Students' Officer, Benedict Chin, at to find out more about events you can get involved in and other resources for students overseas.

Other tools

Time zone calculator: Need to keep track of all your assessment due dates while overseas? This website provides an easy and quick way of converting times between different time zones so that you can know exactly when your assessments are due and when online events are occurring.

Opportunities to practice your English

Let's Speak English: This is a great way for students to practice their English remotely throughout the semester. Sessions are offered over Zoom from 1pm-2pm (AEST) every Monday, Wednesday and Friday. These sessions are fun, relaxed and are led by an experienced facilitator. Head to the webpage for more information.

English Wellbeing Enhancement Series: This is another great opportunity for students studying remotely to practice and develop their English in small group settings. These sessions are run in a workshop style to improve students' English for conversation, writing, and academic purposes, through interactive language development activities. Sessions are run by an experienced teacher and are offered during mid-semester, winter and summer breaks. Visit the webpage for more information.