Engaged ANU pilot projects

01 Jul 2022

Earlier this year, we invited expressions of interest from ANU researchers to participatein the Engaged ANU pilot project.  

The project supports academics to communicate their research to the people and communities where it matters - in an imaginative, creative and engaging way. The Pilot is sponsored by the Vice-Chancellor and sets out to maximise the visibility and reach of the research we do here at ANU.  

 The pilot received over 60 submissions showcasing the incredible and brilliant projects around campus. The selection panel were impressed and overwhelmed by the variety and sophistication of the projects happening across campus.  
The Vice-Chancellor recently announced the projects that will be part of the Engaged ANU pilot: 

  • Navigating the Energy Transition, led by Bjorn Sturmberg 
  • Indigenous benefit in the clean energy transition, led by Brad Riley 
  • Mayi Kuwayu: the National Study of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Wellbeing, led by Ray Lovett  
  • Murrudha: Sovereign Walks - Tracking Cultural Actions Through Art, Country, Language and Music, led by Brenda L Croft  
  • To Be Continued: The Australian Newspaper Fiction Database, led by Katherine Bode 
  • ANU and the Australian High Country, led by Adrienne Nicotra 
  • Kuwae - the Volcanic Eruption that Launched the Modern World, led by Christopher Ballard 

The Engaged ANU creative team is working closely with ANU Communications and Engagement and other colleagues to identify ways to support the projects that will not be part of the pilot.  

There'sa number of stories ready for public engagement and the volume of submissions show promise and could be nurtured and strengthened for future public engagement and impact opportunities. It is clear that there is ambition and ethos across all the submissions with research addressing issues of critical national important and important stories to share; and due to the calibre and enthusiasm of the projects, we have created a capacity building stream and will organise practical workshops open to all EOI applicants. These will be hosted later in the year.  

Thank you to everyone who expressed interest in the pilot - ANU is building up a great set of initiatives around engagement and this is just another great example.