Advancing our nation

As the nation’s University, we foster a culture where everyone can reach their full potential and honour the national narrative, from the oldest living cultural history in the world to the newest Australians.


Through scholarships, a world-leading university education at ANU is achievable for all talented students, regardless of their circumstances. Our donors, alumni and friends are critical to us securing this important equity shift and transforming our future.


The ANU campus is built on land of rich historical significance and importance to the local Aboriginal people. Today, influential Indigenous leaders at ANU are at the core of our nation's efforts to address the big questions facing Indigenous Australia.

We are committed to building on our history of engagement and seeking new partnerships with Indigenous Australia. Our donors support us to collaborate with Indigenous communities to deliver high-impact research in Indigenous studies, health and economics, and across all disciplines. Together we can provide more mentors, role models and financial support to Indigenous undergraduate and postgraduate students, as well as academics at ANU.

Our ambition is to positively contribute to the discussion of national Indigenous policy reform and reignite that conversation.

ANU Vice-Chancellor Professor Brian P. Schmidt

Students like myself often have to pass on opportunities which could change their lives because of financial barriers.

Kylie Beutel, Ken Wanganeen Scholarship recipient

Support given now will continue to multiply into the future.

Professor Mick Dodson, Director of the National Centre for Indigenous Studies

As a scholarship recipient, I will be looking for ways throughout my career to help students who face similar challenges to what I did.

Nicholas Bill, John Mitchell Scholarship recipient

Receiving the Scholarship has given me a huge appreciation of the opportunities that are made possible through philanthropy.

Colin Balog, Burgmann Charles Price Scholarship recipient

I am very grateful for this prize which kick-started my career as a PhD student and public health professional

Andrea Parisi, Peter Baume Travel Grant recipient

I wouldn’t have been able to get a PhD any other way. This Scholarship allowed me to get involved in research I was very much interested in.

Ben Clifton, Rod Rickards Scholarship recipient

Education is the key to closing the gap between poverty and wealth and increasing living standards.

John Mitchell, Farmer and Philanthropist

I wanted to ensure talented students wishing to come to ANU had every opportunity to do so.

Emeritus Professor John Love, Philanthropist

Important projects

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