Freilich Indigenous Law Scholarship Fund

The Freilich Indigenous Law Scholarship was established to assist students in the Indigenous Community who want to attend University to obtain a degree in Law to further their career aspirations.

The Freilich Indigenous Law Scholarship supports Indigenous students who want to study law at ANU by providing financial support and the confidence to assist in completing their law degree.

The 2017 recipient is Kade Alexander, a Gunia Kurna man from Bairnsdale, Victoria. Kade is the first in his family to go to university, deciding his best chance for improving the lives of his fellow Aboriginal Australians would be through a law degree.

"A lot of the people who make decisions for Aboriginal communities at a state and federal level are very rarely Indigenous. If I can end up in a position of authority or sit on some boards then I might be able to make a difference".

Kade was thankful to receive the scholarship which has allowed him to work less and focus more on his studies and cover the cost of a new computer. "I have been using the same computer for five years and have a five year degree ahead of me so the scholarship makes a real difference".

The opportunity it has provided me to be able to live away from my parents and be able to afford the necessities to be able to study have been good.
Kade Alexander
2017 Freilich Indigenous Student Scholarship in Law recipient
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