Frequently Asked Questions

Thank you for donating to The Australian National University (ANU).

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1. How do I give to ANU?

There are many ways you can give to ANU. These include online, by phone, through Workplace Giving, by leaving a gift in your will, establishing a gift in perpetuity or giving from overseas. You can also set up regular donations through direct debit. Donations of $2 or more are tax deductible within Australia.

2. How do I access my donation records?

Log in to the ANU donor portal to access your gift records from the last five years. You can also view and manage your contact details, and download your annual donation summary for tax purposes. Gift records and donation summaries will only be available for past financial years, not the current one. If this is your first time accessing this service, please follow the instructions to reset your password. If you are having difficulty accessing your ANU donor portal, please contact ANU Donor Relations at or +61 2 6125 2670.

3. When will I be able to access my donation summary?

You can access your donation summary for previous financial years at any time, by logging in to your ANU donor portal (see question 2). A new donation summary is available from the first business day after 1 July each year.

4. Can I receive my annual donation summary by post?

Yes, you can. Please email your request, along with your full name and postal address, to or call us at +61 2 6125 2670.

5. I donate through ANU Workplace Giving. How can I access a summary of my donations?

If you are an ANU employee, your pre-tax donation is made through the ANU Workplace Giving Program. Your donation amount and details will be outlined on your annual income statement for tax purposes.

Income statements will be available through ATO online services using MyGov, or through your registered tax agent. The statements are finalised after the end of financial year and the information in your income statement will be automatically pre-filled in your annual income tax return, including your donation amounts.

When your income statement has been finalised, the status within your MyGov account will change to 'tax ready'. This means the information is ready for you to use in your tax return.

If you chose to make a post-tax donation using the ANU Workplace Giving program, the receipt was issued at the time of the donation. To access your donation summary, log in here.

6. I donate through my employer's Workplace Giving Program. How can I access my tax statement?

If you have given a pre-tax donation through your employer's workplace giving scheme, the details will appear on your annual income statement. Please contact your employer's HR department for more details. To access your ANU donation summary, log in here.

7. My gift-in-kind donation details are not included in my donation summary. How can I access the receipt for tax purposes?

Please send us an email with your full name to or call us at +61 2 6125 2670.

8. I made a donation close to the end of the financial year. Can I claim the donation for that financial year?

Online payments (including those processed over the phone) are dated at the time of the transaction. If you made an online donation before or on 30 June, it is counted as within the financial year for tax purposes.

Payments received by post with a post-mark prior to 30 June will be processed and counted as within the financial year for tax purposes.

9. Why make a tax-deductible donation to ANU?

A donation to ANU means that 100% of your gift will be used for the intended purpose.



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