Prime Ragandang (PhD - Current Student)

14 Nov 2022

Student Volunteer of the Year (Postgraduate)

Congratulations to Prime Ragandang (PhD in International, Political and Strategic Studies - Current student), our Student Volunteer of the Year (Postgraduate) for 2022.
Prime's volunteerism, leadership, and desire to create better pathways for his local community in the region of Mindanao, Philippines has driven his many significant initiatives - including co-organising relief evaluations for evacuees from violent conflicts, co-founding an internationally-recognised youth-led initiative for bullying prevention through games and creative expression, and writing books that have been widely awarded for their impact on young learners. 
Some more milestones around his advocacy include establishing the BHOLI Youth Centre in Mindanao in 2018, which was recognised by the Philippine Department of Education and Western Union Chain for Better Programs, and funding and recognition from Facebook for a project on addressing violent extremism through online positive messaging.
In 2022, Prime completed his co-edited book on youth, peacebuilding, and sustainability, published through the Young Southeast Asia Leaders Program of the UN Mission to ASEAN - only the latest of a total of 32 publications Prime has done dedicated to youth and peace studies. The book highlights young peacebuilders' experiences, and like all of his work, aims to uplift and inspire the youth.

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