Patrick Flanagan

Bachelor of Engineering '96

The systems engineering degree at ANU helped me retain versatility with my career options early in my career because of the multidiscipline nature of the programs.

General Manager of devices, Telstra

Patrick Flanagan was one of the first students to graduate from ANU with an engineering degree. His studies led him to work for international mobile technology companies before returning to Australia where he joined Australian telecoms giant and leading provider of mobile phones and devices, home phones and broadband internet, Telstra.

He now manages Telstra's home device portfolio and has developed and launched a range of world-first products. We caught up with Patrick after last years 25th anniversary of engineering to learn more about his journey and how his studies at ANU shaped his career.

"At 17, when I started university, I didn't really know what I wanted to do but I knew what I was good at and that included problem solving, which translated into doing well in maths, physics and chemistry. I was attracted to studying engineering at ANU because it didn't seem to cast the mould too early like, for example, studying to become a Lawyer, Doctor or Economist."

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