Ms Anna Cyran

BA '10, BComm '10, MPMgt '15

If you've graduated from ANU recently, you probably would have come across an email from us telling you about how great it is to be an ANU alumni and inviting you to provide your most up-to-date contact details.

Or you would have seen us during your graduation wearing bright pink shirts or bright blue hoodies giving out a rubber duck and and asking if you've provided us updated contact details.

Beyond us reaching out and wanting to stay in touch, we actually select a lucky alumni who updates their details and give out a $500 travel gift card.

For the December 2015 graduations, the lucky alumna is Anna Cyran.

Anna grew up in Canberra and completed all of her university studies at ANU. As an undergraduate she studied Arts (International Relations) and Commerce (International Business), with a big focus on all things international. She returned to ANU again in 2014 to study Project Management (PM) at the postgraduate level.

As well as being a student, Anna spent five years in the Public Service where she was able to experience a variety of roles including risk and program management. She says the most rewarding part of her job was being able to work with foriegn counterparts across the Asia-Pacific region. 

After finishing her Masters in 2015, Anna has taken up consulting and now works for Ernst & Young (EY), where she is able to put her PM qualifications to good use as part of the 'Performance Improvement' advisory service line.

Anna is an avid traveller, having visited many countries in Europe and Asia and some in Africa and the Pacific. While she is still finding her feet in her new job, she has some tentative travel plans for mid-2016 - specifically, a trip to visit family in Poland. Winning the travel gift card has made her consider a detour along the way to ease the jet lag that inevitably follows the long-haul flight. She has yet to decide on the stopover location and duration but is delighted and grateful to have the choice.

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