JuE Wong

BA (Hons) 1987

Business leader, innovator, advocate for women in business and volunteer, JuE has lived by the maxim of never taking the easy option.

Originally from Singapore, JuE chose to do her undergraduate studies in Canberra, away from her friends and family. She sought the challenge of having to re-establish herself in a new community and hoped it would allow her to focus on her studies, and provide an environment that would allow her to mature as a person and be self-sufficient.

JuE returned to Singapore with the intention of joining the diplomatic corps after graduating in 1987 only to find that a degree from a local university was a key requirement. Taking it in her stride, she took the unconventional step of joining Cargill Commodities as a Trading Manager. After working in senior roles in London, Geneva, Bangkok and Hong Kong, JuE entered a new phase of her career working with private equity bank brands as a turnaround executive in the skin care industry.

As the CEO of StriVectin, the largest independent prestige skin care company globally, she developed a track record in helping emerging and middle-market brands establish a foothold in a competitive market, as well as globalising established brands. 

Currently, she is the President of the Elizabeth Arden brand, a global prestige beauty products company.

In 2004, she was a nominee for Wall Street Journal’s “Top 50 Women to Watch”. More recently she was recognised by The Little Pink Book as one of the “Top 10 Women in Business” and was an Ernst and Young Entrepreneur of the Year 2012 finalist.

Unexpectedly losing her husband of more than 20 years to a heart attack re-shaped JuE’s view of her personal and professional life. She now serves on the Board of the American Heart Association to increase awareness of heart disease prevention.

JuE is both a role model and a passionate advocate for women in the business arena. She sits on the board of YMCA and is also on the advisory board of LaunchPad2X, an exclusive entrepreneurship program that develops critical leadership skills for females, and the WWAAC (Who’s Who in the Asian American Communities).

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