From amnesia to acclaimed artist and educator

Article written by Alicia Lillington (BIntR '13), from the ANU Women's Alumni Network.
15 Mar 2022

Resilience and independence are the cornerstones of Professional Photographer and Photography Teacher Tiffany Roweth's journey. Working at three different schools teaching arts, graphic design and in learning support, she landed her current role at a college in Canberra in 2017.

My passion for photography has evolved throughout my life, particularly from an accident where I suffered amnesia. I saw how valuable photographs are as a record of memories, moments and spectacular places. This led me to complete my BA in Visual Arts (Photography) and Masters of Teaching. I now teach photography, sharing my skills and passion with my students, and alongside that I get to go out adventuring and taking photos of couples and families.

Tiffany chose to study at ANU for the photography and arts courses. In an inspiring feat of resilience, she moved to Canberra to study at ANU despite suffering from amnesia after a car accident. "It was my first big move, my first time away from my family. Through my time at ANU I learnt how to overcome challenges and to continue on."

"The world is becoming increasingly more reliant on visual communication and the arts. This course allowed me to build on my knowledge of arts techniques, taught me to express myself through creativity - exploring challenges and testing out ideas, and above all it was a way of nourishing my creativity."

Since capturing her first wedding in 2010, Tiffany has photographed many families and loved ones. "I love being able to hit pause for people and capture their feelings, emotions and what their lives looked like in a specific moment or in a specific place. The natural environment is a huge inspiration for me - exploring new places, and finding new spots for shoots."

Tiffany's work has featured in exhibitions across New South Wales and the Australian Capital Territory, including at Studio on Anson, the Golden Memories Museum, the National Art School Intensive Photography Program Graduating Exhibition, at Albert Hall, the Belconnen Community Centre and the ANU School of Art.

Her photography and design skills are valued in the community. With a love for helping people, she has been involved in committees including ANU Hockey, Orange Running Festival and Canberra Little Athletics. During high school, she was a volunteer music teacher at the PCYC. While studying she was a Scout Leader at Duntroon Campbell Scout group, with a stint in the Army Reserves between 2013 - 2018. 

"Something I have really been trying to remember the past couple of years is to back yourself. The main thing that has held me back at points is self-doubt. I would encourage anyone to believe in your dreams and work at them every day."

When asked what the  highlight of her career is, Tiffany says "how much I have grown, thriving during pandemic times with my business and being able to go part-time with my teaching in 2021." She has also really enjoyed developing an Art Therapy Program for wellbeing, elements of which are being used in four different schools now.

Tiffany's goal is to continue capturing memories for others and to raise a family with her partner Chris. She is exploring the possibility of running further art therapy and photography workshops.

"It would be great to live on a small property where I could do all of this and enjoy the space and peace and quiet. I would like flexibility in my working hours and being able to focus on developing my own creativity and my family."

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