Dr Jess Tsimeris

PhD '15

Having a rich social life at ANU, being involved in clubs and working in team environments has differentiated me from graduates of other universities.

Dr Jess Tsimeris spent her childhood playing computer games and as a teenager saved the money she earnt at her part-time job to buy computer parts. With an inquisitive mind and keen to solve problems, Jess would then use the parts to build the best computer she could. Her passion for computer science didn't stop there though.

Jess studied a Bachelor of Computer Science at the University of South Australia and in 2012 started a PhD in Computer Science at ANU with Professor Tom Gedeon supervising. In 2015 she completed her thesis on soft shape-changing touch surfaces at The Australian National University.

"I made prototypes and ran user experiments to understand how people interacted with these new touch screens and to see how well they could do certain tasks."

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