Dr Dongxiang Zhang

MMgt ‘06

Life is limited, learning is endless. Knowledge has boundaries, innovation is infinite.

Dr Dongxiang Zhang is the President of Bank of China Jiangxi Branch. He previously worked in varied branches within Bank of China, including 5 years in Frankfurt Branch, Vice-President of Hamburg Branch, Vice-President of China Henan Branch and President of Brazil Branch.

Dr Zhang received his Master of Management from The Australian National University in 2006. Before that, he majored in Money and Banking for his postgraduate study in Chinese Academy of Social Sciences. Later, Dr Zhang completed his PhD in Economics from Huazhong University of Science and Technology.

Dr Zhang believes that innovation has no boundaries. Throughout his career in both mainland China and internationally, he has carried out a series of award winning innovations in banking industry. He launched over 40 product innovations, some of which won provincial awards as well as national and industry awards.

He designed self-service machines for corporate banking businesses and a world-leading multi-function self-service machine for both corporate banking and the retail banking business.

Recently, Dr Zhang created cloud based mobile banking products, and cloud based services by levering the internet and big data analysis technologies. These innovations allow the bank to creatively leverage cross-boundary resources, to overcome the time and space limits of the industry, bringing great convenience and value to the customers. His innovative practices help to set the benchmark for smart cloud banking business.

Based on his three decades of management experience, Dr Zhang published his Management Stage Theory in 2011. His book won the 2016 Chinese Journal of Management Science award, his theory received very positive feedback from the academic field, industries and media. He also published Research on 3M Theory and Practices, The Research on How the Economic Cycle Impacts the Chinese Banking Industry, and The Exploration of Investment in Brazil.

Dr Zhang has played a pivotal role in the University's alumni engagement in China. He is the inaugural head alumnus of the ANU Master of Management Association which has more than 1,000 members.

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