Damien Balachandran

Bachelor of Engineering (Hons) '12

Damien Balachandran has recently been named as one of 'Australia's Most Innovative Engineers' for his work in tackling accidents caused by driver fatigue.

He says studying a Bachelor of Engineering at ANU has been one of the best experiences of his life.

"Studying engineering at ANU allowed me to learn about myself in a safe environment. This led me to being a more confident individual overall and gave me a desire to empower others to feel confident about their own lives!"

Damien received the International Undergraduate Scholarship Award from the College and moved from Kuala Lumpur to Canberra in 2009. The combination of the University's reputation, the opportunity to study overseas in a safe and supportive environment and the scholarship led Damien to study at ANU.

"I came to ANU because of its top ranking in Australia and I also wanted to take up the challenge of studying in one of the best universities in the world," he said.

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