Anne-Maree Englund

Bachelor of Engineering '97

A systems engineering degree was perfect for me and it's very relevant for students now.

College alumna Anne-Maree Englund grew up in Canberra and originally studied an Arts/Science degree at ANU. Her love of maths and science soon enticed her to switch to a Bachelor of Engineering a year later.  

Since graduating from ANU she has worked in Australia and overseas as an engineer in the health sector improving health outcomes for patients, and making clinicians' lives easier. She's currently the Quality Manager at IDE, a boutique engineering consultancy servicing the medical technology sector. 

"When I graduated I was lucky enough to secure a job at Cochlear Limited in Sydney and I stayed with the company for 13 years. It was great fun working as a Production Engineer helping to ensure that the manufacturing of the complicated but tiny Cochlear implants ran smoothly.

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