Andrew (Creel) Price

BComm ‘92

Rather than fundraising, sell a product for profit with the proceeds funding relevant causes.

Creel Price is a high-octane adventurer who has been very successful in business as an entrepreneur.

He has scaled some of the highest mountains in the world, worked with Richard Branson on the future of philanthropy, and captained Australia in the World Elephant Polo Championships.

Creel launched his first business at age 11 selling strawberries, beginning another seven ventures before finishing high school, and a further two while studying Commerce at ANU. At age 25, he co-founded Blueprint Management Group which grew to 1,000 staff and was sold after a decade for $109 million.

Since then Creel has dedicated his life to fostering entrepreneurship on a global scale. He is a rare mix of successful practitioner, educator and theorist when it comes to entrepreneurship.

His Club Kidpreneur Foundation has inspired more than 12,000 school-aged children to raise more than $500,000 for charity through their own micro enterprises.

He is a passionate believer that in today's world 'for profit' and 'for purpose' should be one and the same.

His dedication to using the power of business to drive significant leaps forward for humankind led Sir Richard Branson to describe Creel as "the living, breathing definition of an entrepreneur", in his book Screw Business As Usual.

Creel is the author of best-selling business book The One Thing to Win at the Game of Business and is in demand globally as a keynote speaker.

He co-founded early stage investment firm Investible in 2015, with the mission to help identify and grow scalable start-ups and introduce more investors to this growing sector. In October 2016, he was described as the 17th coolest person in Australian tech by Business Insider magazine.

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