Professor Paul Pickering

Director, ResearchSchool of Humanities & the Arts

Professor Paul Pickering is Director of the ResearchSchool of Humanities & the Arts.

Prior to taking up this post he was Deputy Director (2010-12), Director of Graduate Studies (2004-9) and a Queen Elizabeth II Fellow at the Humanities Research Centre (2000-4). He was the Convenor of Graduate Studies in History (2002-6) and Interdisciplinary and Cross Cultural Research (2007-13). He was inaugural Director of the ANU Centre for European Studies in 2010-11. Paul is a Fellow of the Royal Historical Society (1996-), a member of the Board of the Australian Dictionary of Biography (2009-) and Editor of Humanities Research(2009-).

In 2012 he was the recipient of the Vice Chancellor’s Award for Excellence in Supervision. His recent books include Contested Sites: Commemoration, Memorial and Popular Politics in Nineteenth Century Britain(2004) and Unrespectable Radicals? Popular Politics in the Age of Reform(2007) Feargus O'Connor: A Political Life(2008) and Historical Re-enactment: From Realism to the Affective Turn(2010). In 2013 he was awarded an Andrew Mellon Research Fellowship at the Huntington Library in California, a Vice Chancellor’s Research Fellowship at Newcastle University in England and a Visiting Research Fellowship at St. Andrews in Scotland.