Professor Amanda Barnard

School of Computing
ANU College of Engineering, Computing and Cybernetics

I bring to the ANU Council a diverse research perspective, and significant experience on committees, panels and boards.  My research experience spans physics, chemistry, materials science, health and computing.  As an active researcher I have over 11600 citations and have been awarded in the fields of physics, chemistry, engineering, nanotechnology and the environment.  I am a fellow of the Australian Institute of Physics, a Fellow of the Royal Society of Chemistry, and a Senior Member and Certified Professional of the Australian Computer Society.  I also have 11 years' experience working at CSIRO and engaging with industry.  I have served on and Chaired national committees such as the National Computational Merit Allocations Scheme, the Australasian Leadership Computing Grants scheme and ANU Academic Board.  I am well connected to the research communities in our neighbouring counties, as a member of the Expert Panel for the National Research Foundation of Singapore, the College of Expert Assessors for the Ministry and Business Innovation and Employment for New Zealand, and the Board of Directors for New Zealand eScience Infrastructure. I believe in serving my community and in 2022 I was appointed as a member of the Order of Australia.