Educational Fellowship Scheme (EFS) Committee

Roles of the EFS Committee:

  1. To review and oversee the award of professional recognition to teaching and learning support staff at the Australian National University in three categories: Associate Fellow of the Higher Education Academy (AFHEA); Fellow of the Higher Education Academy (FHEA); and Senior Fellow of the Higher Education Academy (SFHEA).
  2. In awarding recognition in each of the three categories AFHEA, FHEA and SFHEA, the Committee shall affirm that the applicant meets the relevant Descriptor (D1, D2, or D3, respectively) of the UK Professional Standards Framework (PSF). The PSF is available at this link:
  3. Award of recognition will be offered in a manner consistent with the approved provisions of the University's ANU Educational Fellowship Scheme accreditation with Advance HE (UK), Innovation Way, York Science Park, Heslington, York, YO10 5BR, United Kingdom (
  4. The ANU EFS Committee is a sub-committee of the Teaching and Learning Development Committee (TLDC) and assists in carrying out the functions of TLDC by;
    • providing responsive and proactive advice on current and future developments, opportunities and risks related to the ANU's Education Fellowship Scheme's activities.
    • encouraging the development of improved teaching practices through a reflective lens.
    • providing appropriate working-party support for planning and coordination of activities
    • serving as the conduit between the ANU and Advance HE.


Category Member Term expiry
Co-Chairs Professor Paul Francis SFHEA
31 Dec 2023
Nithiwadee (Wan) Chitravas SFHEA
31 Dec 2023
Professor Michael Martin PFHEA
31 Dec 2023
ANU members Associate Professor Katrina Anderson
Teaching in Medicine (TiM) pathway lead
Suzy Andrew
Professional staff representative
31 Dec 2023
Dr Kim Blackmore
CECS representative
31 Dec 2023
Dr Chris Browne
CoS and CHM representative
31 Dec 2023
Dr Nick Cheesman
CAP representative
31 Dec 2023
Tim Grace
Professional staff representative, manager ECE team at CLT
Dr Marina Iskhakova
CBE representative
30 Jun 2024
Dr Gemma King
CASS representative
31 Dec 2023
Vacant position
CoL representative
31 Dec 2023
External members Professor Abby Cathcart PFHEA
Lead external examiner
31 Dec 2023
Professor Annette George SFHEA
External assessor
31 Dec 2023


Date & location Deadlines
Wednesday 1 Feb, 3.30pm
Agenda deadline
18 Jan
Thursday 13 Apr, 3.30pm
Agenda deadline
30 Mar
Tuesday 22 Aug, 3.30pm
Agenda deadline
8 Aug
Thursday 5 Oct, 3.30pm
Agenda deadline
21 Sep