Dr Chris Browne SFHEA, DVCA

Australian Award for University Teaching - Award for Teaching Excellence (Early Career)
Research School of Engineering
ANU College of Engineering and Computer Science

As a systems engineer and teacher, Chris Browne's classes are centred around the innovative jigsaw classroom approach.  Systems engineering is an inter-specialist engineering discipline that integrates traditional engineering specialisations and Chris has created a classroom environment that provides a coherent second-year systems experience for students before they go on to specialise in third and fourth year.

Placing students at the centre of their learning and providing them with a framework in which to develop, integrate and synthesise their knowledge is at the core of Chris' jigsaw classroom approach. Students are exposed to scaffolded scholarly activities, such as developing peer-reviewed research papers, co-facilitation of tutorials including the preparation of teaching materials, and the development of an individual portfolio applying the course concepts to a system in a research area of their choice.

Chris currently teaches two core systems engineering courses, Systems Engineering Design and Systems Engineering Analysis. He also convenes Unravelling Complexity, a cross-college capstone course, which navigates complex problems from a range of perspectives. His research activities are focussed on designing effective hands-on learning activities in engineering topics.

Dr Chris Browne SFHEA, DVCA