Program and Course advice

Important information, rules and requirements for programs, courses, majors etc. can be found on the Programs & Courses website. If you have a general academic enquiry that isn't answered by Programs & Courses, you can contact your ANU College. The Academic College contact details can be found online.

If you require help to understand the ins-and-outs of your program, plus all the options you have available to you, you should seek academic advice.

Academic advice is available throughout the year via your ANU College. These are usually one-on-one meetings where your progress will be reviewed and you will be provided with available options. Appointments are normally required. Drop-in academic advisory sessions are also available to new and continuing students at the start of each semester. Information on these sessions is sent to students via their student email as well as posted on ISIS.

The University has established an Academic Advising Charter which sets out the responsibilities of both staff and students in relation to academic advising.

You may like to seek advice on the rules and requirements of your program such as:

  • compulsory course requirements
  • time limits for your program
  • maximum number of first year courses allowed
  • procedural deadlines and restrictions
  • major, minor and specialisation requirements
  • the order in which you can – or should – take your courses
  • whether you want to study at another university
  • whether you want to undertake Honours as part of your program.