Current and continuing coursework and non-award students, excluding cross-institutional and study abroad/exchange, must re-enrol themselves for each academic year by the appropriate deadline. Failure to meet the deadlines may have financial and academic consequences.

Non-award students who are studying through a study abroad/exchange program or who are cross-institutionally enrolled from other institutions, will need to follow the steps at the bottom of the page to enrol.

Enrolment/ISIS help sessions will be held in rooms COP G020 and G021, during the following periods throughout Orientation week and the first week of Semester 1, 2016.

Monday, 8 February: 12:00-7:30pm                 Monday, 15 February: 10am-7:30pm

Tuesday, 9 February:10am-7:30pm                 Tuesday, 16 February: 10am-4pm

Wednesday, 10 February: 10am-4pm              Wednesday, 17 February: 10am-4pm

Thursday, 11 February: 11am-4pm                  Thursday, 18 February: 10am-4pm

Friday, 12 February: 10am-4pm                       Friday, 19 February: 10am-4pm

If you are intending to enrol in non-standard sessions (summer, autumn, winter or spring), you will need to enrol by the specific 'last day to enrol' date for each course. This date is available on the relevant course entry on the Programs & Courses website.

If you are an international student and do not re-enrol, or apply for a leave of absence from your program, you will lose your place in your program. If you have lost your place in your program, and you wish to continue studying at ANU, you will need to re-apply to the University.

Study abroad/exchange & cross-institutional students

Continuing study abroad/exchange or students cross-institutionally enrolled from other institutions will need to complete the Application for non-award re-enrolment and submit it to the ANU College that delivers the course. The College will be able to provide you with an required permission codes to finalise your enrolment.

Students must also submit a supporting letter from the Registrar of their home institution advising that the courses you intend to undertake at the ANU have been approved by your home institution. The letter should also include the category of Commonwealth Assistance you are receiving (if applicable). If this letter is delayed, students should still submit their application form by the due date and submit the letter as soon as possible.