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Latest News from the ANU Counselling Centre

The ANU Counselling Centre is pleased to announce our resource improvement project.  In order to better serve the ANU community we have started a project to translate some of our key resources to make them more accessible to the wider student body - see our current resources for more information.

We are also pleased to present our Talking Tips - short audio clips with practical information and strategies to manage common difficulties such as anxiety, sleep, and balancing life demands. Our Talking Tips also include a Mindfulness program.




The ANU Counselling Centre promotes, supports and enhances mental health and wellbeing within the University student community.  ANU Counselling Centre is a free, confidential and non-diagnostic service available to all currently enrolled ANU students.  No referral or Mental Health Treatment Plan from a General Practitioner is required to attend appointments. 

ANU Counselling Centre counsellors are the experts in tertiary student mental health.  This can range from awareness raising and early intervention to help for more serious concerns such as depression and anxiety.  

As an ANU student, you able to access up to six individual counselling appointments each semester, which means that it is possible to attend 12 appointments each year (currently two more than possible under a Mental Health Treatment Plan).  These counselling sessions are for you to discuss anything you would like to talk about; for example, issues that are impacting on academic performance, interpersonal relationships, mental health, functioning and wellbeing, traumatic experiences, homesickness and a healthy balance of activities and commitments.  The Counselling Centre may not always be the most appropriate service for your concerns and if this is the case, we will work with you to find the right service.

Group programs and information sessions are regularly offered each semester by the ANU Counselling Centre.  For more information and registration, please check out our Group page.

Mindfulness@anu is a suite of mindfulness-based group sessions that ANU Counselling Centre run through the year.  Some of the Mindfulness@anu programs we offer are a weekly community mindfulness practice, which is open to all undergraduate and postgraduate students as well as staff, a four-week introduction to mindfulness group. One-off experiential mindfulness groups, can be hosted in a residential or academic colleges on request.

At times, we do provide support letters and documentation to students who are seeking academic consideration or to assist with connecting to Access and Inclusion.  This mostly occurs for students we have an ongoing relationship with.  Therefore, if there are things impacting your study please make an appointment sooner rather than later.  There is more information on this policy here.

ANU Counselling Centre is staffed by Mental Health Social Workers, Clinical Psychologists and Psychologists.  All our counsellors have expertise in providing counselling services to tertiary students and all our counsellors have at least six years' experience.  You can find more information about our therapeutic approaches and particular staff interest and approaches on this page.

We are open each day of the year excluding weekends, public holidays and the University shutdown period.  We are open from 0855 until 1645 (4.45pm) and close for lunch between 1300 - 1400 (1:00pm - 2:00pm).  To make an appointment, please phone on +61 2 6125 2442 or come in to the Centre in person.  Further information about appointments is here.

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Head of Centre
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Adviser to Staff
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Office administrator
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