FOI request form

This form is to request access to documents under the Freedom of Information Act 1982.

How to complete this form

Fields marked * must be completed before you can submit your request. You are not required to give us your real name or provide proof of identity. However, we would need this information to be able to give you access to your own personal information or documents about your business affairs, or information on behalf of another person with their consent.

Applicant details
I am making this Freedom of Information request for:

You will need to provide a signed letter of authority from the other person to prove you are authorised to act on their behalf.

Are you representing an organisation?
Are you seeking access to personal information?
Document requested

You are able to request access to any document held by the University. If you are requesting information or statistics about a particular topic, we may refer your request to the business unit that is able to assist you.

The University may refuse to process requests that:

  • are unclear and too broad
  • involve too many documents
  • would involve a substantial and unreasonable diversion of resources to process.

To avoid your request being refused, please:

  • request documents about a specific topic
  • request specific types of documents e.g. emails or meeting notes
  • provide a date range for the requested documents (if known). The end date cannot be later than the date of this FOI request.

Personal information

Personal information in documents may be exempt under the FOI Act, which means ANU may decide it cannot give you access to such documents.

Do you agree to the removal of the names, addresses and phone numbers of any ANU officers from the documents you are seeking? This may result in quicker processing of your request.
Do you agree to the removal of the names and identifying details of any third parties from the documents you are seeking? In some cases this may remove the need for consultation with third parties and result in quicker processing of your request.
Consultation with third parties

If the documents you seek contain information about an individual or business, we may need to consult with that individual or business regarding the potential release of documents.

If we need to consult with third parties regarding the documents requested, do you consent to the disclosure of your identity?

Disclosure of your identity may assist third parties in agreeing to the release of documents.