Griffin Hall - Non Residential Community

What is Griffin Hall?

At ANU, we offer opportunities for students who are not living on campus accommodation to engage in a dynamic and connected university experience through our non-residential hall. 

Griffin Hall is a non-residential hall community established in 2010, offering various events and activities, a community, and support and programs for students living off-campus. Griffin Hall is open to all ANU students living off-campus - provided that they are not already a member of an ANU residential hall or affiliated programs. 


 What facilities does Griffin Hall offer?

Students who are part of Griffin Hall can access events, networks, workshops, pastoral care, peer support, leadership opportunities, trainings, professional development opportunities, and more.  A dedicated common room equipped with facilities such as a study area, relaxation area and a kitchenette are all available for members. 

Griffin Hall also has an integrated post-graduate community known as Walter Wing. Focused towards delivering events and services more appropriate towards mature aged and post-graduate students, Walter Wing provides flexibility for those wishing to be a part of the community outside conventional hours and events. 

Read more about Griffin's facilities, programs and support >>

 How much does it cost to join Griffin Hall?

The membership fee to join Griffin Hall is $120 a semester or $210 a year. There are also subsidised memberships available for students from financially disadvantaged backgrounds - please contact the Non-Residential Hall Coordinator for information about eligibility criteria. 

 When and How can I join Griffin Hall?

 All ANU students who are not a member of an ANU residential hall or affiliates programs can register using this form. You can join at any point of the semester in ANU.  


 Where is Griffin Hall?

Griffin Hall's common room is located at Level 3, Di Riddell Student Center at Kambri, ANU.