First-Year Experience Program

What is First-Year Experience (FYE) program?

The First-Year Experience (FYE) program is your pathway to discover yourself, find your people, and get the most out of your ANU experience.

FYE Peers are new domestic, undergraduate students from rural and remote, low-income/low-SES, and refugee backgrounds, or are the first in their family to attend university. As a FYE Peer, you will have the opportunity to share your rich knowledge and skills, form a strengths-based community, and lead your own transition to ANU.

As a new student, FYE enables you to:

  • Connect with other students and form your community at ANU
  • Engage with later year students and staff to build your own transition journey, based on your interests
  • Develop your unique strengths, increase your belonging capabilities, and improve your problem-solving skills through tailored enrichment workshops
  • Share your unique knowledge and skills with the ANU and wider communities, while celebrating your place in our community

Registrations for the Semester 1, 2023 FYE program are now closed. If you are still interested in joining FYE, please email

Become a First-Year Experience (FYE) Peer

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Are you a new ANU student wanting to find your community, celebrate your place at ANU and make a meaningful contribution to university life?

Develop your individual strengths and contribute positively to the ANU community by participating as an FYE Peer. In collaboration with later year Student Leaders, volunteer Student Collaborators, and program staff, as an FYE Peer you will lead your own university transition journey through exciting events, participatory projects, and enriching workshops.

Your journey as a FYE Peer begins with the FYE InCamp prior to Orientation Week. At this 2-day, on-campus program you will connect with other FYE Peers, begin building a collaborative community, discover your strengths, share your aspirations, and have the chance to co-design your transition to ANU.

Throughout your first semester, a series of exciting student-led events will give you a chance to deepen your connection with your fellow FYE Peers and discover the best things about ANU and Canberra. You will also be involved in participatory projects where you can make a meaningful contribution to ANU student life and the broader community. In addition, you will have access to a series of exclusive enrichment workshops that empower you to use your strengths and thrive at ANU.

Am I eligible to join the FYE program?

FYE is open to new, undergraduate, domestic students who are:

  • From rural and remote locations,
  • From low-income or refugee backgrounds,
  • First in their family to attend University, or
  • Otherwise looking to forge a strong sense of community at ANU

Registrations for the Semester 1, 2023 FYE program are now closed. If you are still interested in joining FYE, please email

FYE Student Collaborators

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FYE Student Collaborators are later year student volunteers who play a key role in in the FYE community by: 
  • Participating in FYE events and leading group activities,
  • Role modelling a Strengths-based culture and helping to establish a sense of community in the FYE program,
  • Coordinating group contributions to FYE projects, campaigns, and challenges,
  • Providing informal support to new students to immerse themselves into the ANU and local Canberra communities, and
  • Participating in design thinking workshops to help shape and develop the FYE program.

FYE Student Collaborators will be eligible to claim their volunteering hours for the ANU+ Award and will have the opportunity to participate in regular personal and professional development opportunities alongside other Engagement & Success volunteers.

Registrations for 2023 FYE Student Collaborators have now closed. If you are interested in becoming a Student Collaborator, please contact


First-Year Experience program is funded by HEPPP

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