First-Year Experience Program

What is First-Year Experience (FYE) program?

Excited to start your university journey? Looking to find additional ways to connect, learn and develop to get the most out of your first year of tertiary experience? Enrol in the First Year Experience program!

The FYE program is designed as a fun way for you to find your community, get access to personal and professional development opportunities, and get connected with students, staff, supports and services at the University. The FYE program progresses alongside key milestones of your first year at the ANU, to get you onto the next steps of your journey, and beyond!

Participation in FYE will provide the opportunity to:

  • Connect with other students and form your community at ANU
  • Engage with later year students and staff to build your own transition journey, based on your interests
  • Develop your unique strengths, increase your belonging capabilities, and improve your problem-solving skills through tailored enrichment workshops
  • Share your unique knowledge and skills with the ANU and wider communities, while celebrating your place in our community
  • Participate in academic and professional development activities designed in consideration of the milestones of your first year at ANU
  • Get free access to ANU merchandise, and heaps of other cool and useful resources and tools that will get you started at ANU
  • Get free membership to ANU Sport*
  • Get access to Financial Supports toward paying for parking on campus, text books, and much more*

*To find out if you are eligible for these items, please get in touch via

First-Year Experience program is funded by HEPPP

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