Indigenous Tuition Program

The purpose of the Indigenous Tuition Program is to improve and accelerate the educational outcomes of Indigenous tertiary students by providing supplementary tutorial assistance in their chosen field of study. The Program is funded through Prime Minister and Cabinet under the Indigenous Advancement Strategy.


Academic Support for Students

The ITP Program has been developed to support all Indignous tertiary students. If you would like to apply for tution, register through the student application form.

Claim form for students to complete after each tuition session. 


Becoming a ITP Tutor

If you are interested in becoming an ITP tutor you can register through the tutor application form.



Tutors must be qualified, either through formal education or relevant experience (which is determined by the ITP Coordinator and/or the Director) to be eligible to deliver tutoring under the Program.

Qualified tutors must provide certified copies of their qualifications. Unqualified tutors must produce suitable written references to establish whether they are able to provide an appropriate standard of tuition in the subject area.

Wherever possible, suitably qualified Indigenous people will be used as tutors.

Tutors must be sensitive to, and able to relate to, the educational needs of Indigenous students.

Tutors must understand and be culturally sensitive to the needs of Indigenous students.

The tutor must not be members of the student's immediate or de facto family and not be the student's usual class or subject teacher, lecturer or tutor.

Staff of the funded institution (e.g. lecturers, tutors) cannot provide tuition during any period for which they are already receiving a salary.

All tutors who work with minors (under 18 years of age) must have undertaken a 'Working with Vulnerable People' registration and have been cleared to work with minors before tuition can commence.

Tutors must be studying a major sequence of units in the subject area in which the student needs tutoring.

Tutors must be at least two academic years ahead of the student.

Tutors must be able to show evidence of sound academic progress (receiving at least credit/distinction average).

Tutors must not be receiving tuition in that subject area.

Tutors for medical students will be considered on the basis of their academic results.



All tutors are required to participate in cultural awareness training on how to be an effective tutor.  This awareness training will be conducted at the Tjabal Centre. You will be notified by email when this training will be conducted and will be paid for one hour of training.

It is important that tutors are sensitive to and able to relate to the unique educational needs of Indigenous students. Tutors must understand issues affecting Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander students, such as:

  • Indigenous and Torres Strait Islander history and contemporary issues
  • Learning differences
  • Family and cultural issues
  • Diversity within the Aboriginal & Torres Strait Islander communities



The role of a tutor is to assist students with the work assigned to the course and assist with explanation of terms and concepts.  However, guidance in preparation of written assessment (i.e. essay preparation) is seen as a major component in assisting students.

It is not the tutor's responsibility to do the work for students. Tutors are not responsible for typing up draft essays, getting books from the library or any other activity that could reasonably be thought of as part of the obligations of an autonomous student.

The tutor is required to prepare for tuition and develop the Student-Tutor Work Program, to identify objectives/goals with the student, for each subsequent course they are being tutored in.  This form must be endorsed by both parties.

Towards the end of the tuition period, the tutor must complete an evaluation form to provide feedback on the effectiveness of the tuition and send to the ITP co-ordinator.

Comments from different perspectives help ensure that the assessment is a fair indication of the services provided under the ITP.  This feedback will be provided to PM&C during the reporting cycle.



Student Evaluation form to be completed at the end of each semester.

Tutor Evaluation form to be completed at the end of each semester.


  • Tjabal Centre reception
  • +61 2 6125 4038
  • Send email