Becoming a Kambri Scholar

About the scholarship 

The Kambri Indigenous Undergraduate Scholarship (Kambri Scholarship) wants Indigenous students to focus on successfully attaining higher education, which is why it provides financial assistance with on campus accommodation and living costs for the duration of your undergraduate degree, an allowance for relocation and return trips home, assistance with some educational costs and pastoral care. 

How to apply

Applications for students commencing in 2022 will be open from 3 March 2021 to 7 June 2021. 

As part of the application process, applicants are asked to provide a written statement and letter of recommendation from either their school principal, teacher or employer, depending on when they finished Year 12. For specific details on what to submit and who recommendation letters should be from, or for more information, visit the ANU Kambri Indigenous Undergraduate Scholarship webpage.  

If you have any questions or require assistance with your application, please contact Andrew Coulter on +61 2 6125 2363 or  

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Hear from Kambri Scholarship recipients and find out more about the benefits it provides.

Izayah Davis, 2020 Kambri Scholarship recipient

"The scholarship ensures students have everything they need to succeed, from suitable accommodation, financial support for return trips home, a stipend, and additional financial and pastoral support. This quality of student support is the reason ANU has one of the best graduation rates of and Indigenous students in Australia." 

Click here to read more about Izayah Davis' journey at ANU.

Thomson Fleming, 2020 Kambri Scholarship recipient

"Receiving the Kambri Scholarship was one of the greatest moments of my life. I come from a large family of five siblings and have been brought up by my single mother. With no one in my family ever going to university nor even graduating high school, university was deemed almost impossible. Financially, my mother could never afford to send me to university and without a scholarship like this, university would have never been possible...  The Kambri Scholarship has allowed me to focus on my degree and university experience without the burden of financial stress." 

Hunter Culbong, 2020 Kambri Scholarship recipient

"I was very surprised and somewhat shocked to find out I'd received the Scholarship. I didn't think I would get any scholarships because of the high requirements for many of them. Despite my surprise, I was very happy and honoured to receive it. I was quite elated because I know that the scholarship will provide me with a supportive and comfortable experience at ANU that I otherwise would not have. I knew that any scholarship would be great, but I was particularly humbled to receive the Kambri Indigenous Undergraduate Scholarship." 

Jacob Pita, 2020 Kambri Scholarship recipient

"Being able to engage in my academic pursuits is what has made the Kambri Scholarship offer such an exciting and grateful opportunity for me. It has also helped me engage with other Indigenous students and staff like myself; members of a far broader community I have never in the past been able to reach, all of whom are dedicated to academic achievement and representing our communities and country to the best of our abilities." 

Natarsha Bird, 2020 Kambri Scholarship recipient

"I feel incredibly lucky and grateful to be awarded a Kambri Scholarship. It is still so surreal that I am studying at ANU, let alone having the support of so many people to do so. The years leading up to the end of Year 12 were financially challenging for my family and me. During Year 12, I worked two jobs to help my family and to have a small amount of money for myself. To now be in a stable financial position and able to fully concentrate on my studies is something I am unbelievably grateful for, especially in uncertain times like these." 

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For more information please contact Andrew Coulter on +61 2 6125 2363 or