Teaching Unavailability eForm Information

Key Dates for updating Semester 2 2020 Teaching Unavailability

 ·       10 February - 1 March 2020: Academic eForm is open to Academic staff. All full time and part-time academic staff are required to submit their unavailability during this period, after discussion with their supervisor.  Supervisors will receive a notification on submission of the request.  The eforms will be active up until the deadline of 1 Mar 2020. 

·       2 March - 15 March 2020: ADE eForm is open to ADE's for review. ADEs review all submissions in Insight and approve requests prior to the deadline of 15 Mar 2020. Any concerns regarding teaching unavailability will be discussed with the relevant University Delegate or Head of School before any revisions to unavailability are discussed with an academic staff member.



Teaching Unavailability eForm Project is a part of the University-wide Timetabling Program. This project will create an automated workflow to enforce the new timetable policy and procedure Please visit the SIG Timetabling Program website for more details on the Timetabling Program.

Teaching Unavailability eForm


In 2017, results of the Administrative Services Survey showed that staff were dissatisfied with the inconsistent nature of the timetabling process across ANU from College to College. External consultants (Partners in Performance) were reengaged to dig deeper into timetabling practices and supports across ANU and made a series of recommendations to Senior Management in October 2018, which have informed the current change project. In January 2019, the Service Improvement Group (SIG) was asked to work in partnership with Division of Student Administration and Academic Services (DSAAS) to deliver this program of work and a SIG program manager was assigned. As part of this larger program of work, the Program Team was asked to pursue an eForm solution for requesting Teaching Unavailability.

The Teaching Unavailability eForm project will deliver a digital solution to replace the old paper form for staff unavailability with an online eForm for full-time and part-time teaching staff (includes lecturers, tutors, demonstrators etc.). A new Insight report will provide College ADEs with a holistic view of all teaching unavailability requests for their College.

Key Objective

Improve the collection of teacher unavailability in order to build a timely, stable and reliable timetable for students and staff.

Key Benefits

  • Improving the staff experience
  • Improve overall process of creating an optimised constraints based timetable
  • Reduce manual tasks and end-to-end processing time for Colleges, Schools and the Timetabling Team
  • Improve timetabling data quality

The Teaching Unavailability eForm will simplify the process for staff, while improving administrators' oversight of staff unavailability to help with workforce planning. The new eForm will provide full-time and part-time teaching staff with the opportunity to have classes scheduled at times that recognise their workplace and personal commitments.

Please note that the updated Timetabling Policy and Timetabling Procedure states that the teaching staff are required to be available for teaching between the hours of 8am - 6pm Monday - Friday. Teaching Unavailability requests may be refused by the DSAAS Timetabling Team due to the level of disruption to the timetable. All the decisions in relation to teaching unavailability requests will be in line with the ANU Enterprise Agreement

How will the new process work?

  • Full-time or part-time teaching staff can submit an unavailability request via eForm after discussion with their supervisor
  • Supervisors will receive a notification on submission of the request
  • ADEs can review all submissions in Insight and will have final approval
  • Syllabus+ will be updated automatically at the end of the approval period.

For further information, please watch the Teaching Unavailability eForm - Academic Staff Video. You can also find details in the Teaching Staff User Guide.

If you're unsure what to put into the form, please contact your supervisor or local HR support team. For any technical difficulties with the form, please contact Student Business Systems (SBS).

Frequently Asked Questions

  • What should I do if I missed the deadline to update my teaching unavailability eForm?
    Before 15 March, you should speak to your ADE they can submit a form on your behalf. After that date, please contact your local HR/timetable representative and requests will have to be taken through the Dean via the Timetabling Procedure process.
  • Do I need to fill out a Teaching Unavailability eForm?
    If you are a part-time or full-time academic staff member AND you have recurring teaching unavailability, you should submit your teaching unavailability through the eForm. This form is not for casual or sessional staff.
    Please note there is an exception for recurring teaching events like School-wide staff meetings. The following Frequently Asked Question provides more details on recurring teaching events.
  • Do I need to submit a Teaching Unavailability eForm if I have recurring College/ School Meeting?
    No, College or School administrators should send approved school meetings and the attendee list to the Timetabling team.
  • What period does this teaching unavailability apply?
    During this February 2020 submission period, academic staff are able to revise their teaching unavailability for Semester 2 2020 (previously submitted in 2019)
  • I would like to recommend some improvements to the eform/process. How can I do that?
    We would love to hear from you. If you have any suggestions, please submit a University Services Feedback form.
  • Who can view my submitted teaching unavailability?
    Your supervisor, College ADE, School ADE, College/School Administrators, and Timetabling Team can view your teaching unavailability. However, only your supervisor, College ADE and Local ADE have access to the reason and comments for your unavailability. The Local ADE may also be known as Head of School (HoS) or School Director. A copy of your eForm will be saved in your staff folder in ERMS. This is a restricted folder

For more Frequently Asked Questions, please visit FAQ.

eForm Support

If you're unsure what to put into the form, please contact your supervisor or local HR support team. For any technical difficulties with the form, please contact Student Business Systems (SBS).