Semester 2 2022

ANU teaching delivery is returning to on campus for Semester 2, 2022 wherever possible


The release of the final Semester 2 2022 timetable is Tue 14 June 2022

Although the final timetable is released on this date, the timetable is still subject to change due to extenuating circumstances.  Please check your timetable regularly for updates.  


From Semester 2, 2022 ANU will utilise MyTimetable to enable students to view the timetable for their enrolled courses, browse, then self-allocate to small teaching activities / tutorials so they can better plan their time and easily access a personal timetable

Find out more on the MyTimetable webpage .

Delivery types

Current  Delivery Types
Delivery Type Definition Recording/streaming Method Participation
Online pre-recorded An activity pre-recorded, then posted online. The general assumption is that students will be able to access this activity online, in their own time.  It is therefore scheduled on a Sunday as a default. There are exceptions, when a prerecorded activity will appear at a set time during the week, in order to indicate to students when the recording will be available.  Prerecorded activities will be clashable in MyTimetable zoom/teams/personal, universal capture One way broadcast- students watch online, in own time
Online live A session delivered online in real time -  webinar style or fully interactive.  The expectation is for students to be available at the scheduled time.  This may or may not be recorded  Lecturer's discretion  eg via zoom 2 way if via zoom or teams.  
On campus only  Standard teaching activity on campus.  Lectures, Seminars & Lectorials may be recorded via echo360 if in echo enabled room. Others activities eg tutorials, practicals and workshops are not automatically recorded through echo.  Using other recording methods such as zoom/live stream is per lecturer's discretion.  Please assume on campus sessions other than lectures, seminars & lectorials will not be recorded unless otherwise advised by school.   Echo360 for Lectures, Seminars & Lectorials in echo enabled rooms only.  - others not automatically recorded 2 way, on campus, live time
Dual delivery  A teaching activity to accommodate both on campus and online attendance/participation in real time.  It may be delivered in a specially allocated classroom (with camera and microphone) to accommodate both on campus and online participation in real time.  Students will need to contact their relevant schools/instructors for details on electing to attend online vs on campus.  These sessions may or may not be recorded - instructors discretion. Zoom,  USB Microphone and USB camera if in 'dual delivery equipped room'  2 way - students participate either on campus or online (may or may not be recorded)
Echo Livestream This is an on campus activity, also streamed live for online participants.  As opposed to a Dual Delivery activity, Echo livestream has limited interactivity and uses features such as  'chat' to interact with the instructor Usually via Echo360, streamed live.  Recorded at Lecturer's descretion Generally 1 way, with limited 2 way interactivity via chat

Please note

  • All prerecorded activities will be 'clashable' in MyTimetable and appear with a dashed outline
  • Activities with echo recordings will have both a face to face component and a 'recorded' component in MyTimetable.  As ANU is an on campus university, the 'recorded component may only be available to students with clashes or other approved reasons for not attending the face to face component.