Semester 2 2020

IMPORTANT UPDATE: Some information on this page has been amended due to operational changes made in light of COVID-19

The following amendments have been made to this page (last updated 7 April 2020):

  • Contact information for staff: All timetabling staff are currently working remotely.  Staff can contact us at
  • Administrative dates:   Following ANU directives, the timetable build, the preliminary release and final release for S2 2020 have been delayed.  The revised dates have now been published on the updated Semester 2 2020 Production Timeline.

ANU is adhering to social distancing government requirements.  A list of revised room capacities is provided to ANU staff on the ANU Scheduling, Timetabling and Allocation Sharepoint site.  


The final Semester 2 timetable was published on 6 July 2020. However, due to the current unstable COVID-19 environment, it is subject to chance.  Please visit the timetable viewer regularly for updates.

Prior to S2 2020,  as the majority of teaching activities at ANU were face to face, standard activity types existed eg lecture, tutorial, practical, workshop etc.  

COVID-19 impacted the way ANU could deliver courses in Sem 1 2020 and has resulted in the introduction of new delivery types in Sem 2 2020.  Please see the table below:

S2 2020 Delivery Types
Delivery Type Definition Recording/streaming Method Participation
Online pre-recorded An activity pre-recorded, then posted online. The general assumption is that students will be able to access this activity online, in their own time.  It is therefore not scheduled and will not appear on the ANU timetable, unless   academic staff have specifically  requested to have it timetabled.  Students will need to contact their relevant school/instructors for details on these activities. zoom/teams/personal, universal capture One way broadcast- students watch online, in own time
Online live A session delivered online in real time -  webinar style or fully interactive.  The expectation is for students to be available at the scheduled time.  This may or may not be recorded  A session delivered online in real time -  webinar style or fully interactive.  The expectation is for students to be available at the scheduled time.  This may or may not be recorded  2 way if via zoom or teams.  Limited interactive capacity if echo livestream 
On campus only  Standard session on campus not recorded.  Social distancing will apply. NA 2 way, on campus, live time
Dual delivery  A session delivered in a specially allocated classroom (with camera and microphone) to accommodate both on campus and online participation in real time. Zoom,  USB Microphone and USB camera 2 way - students participate either on campus or online (may or may not be recorded)


 In order  to display these on the ANU timetable for students, we have added the delivery type to each activity type.  It will therefore show activity type (eg tutorial), followed by the delivery type (eg online live) in the list view of a course, under the activity type column.  As lectures are all offered remotely for S2 2020, Lectures will be one of the following:

  • Lecture online prerecorded  (In most cases, online pre-recorded activities will NOT appear on the timetable.  Please contact your relevant school/college staff for details, to ensure you are aware of any online prerecorded activities not timetabled on the ANU timetable), or 
  • Lecture online live. These should be scheduled on the timetable and you will be expected to attend at the scheduled timeslot. 


The attached file outlines the activities and associated timelines for the production of the Semester  2020 Timetable.  The Timetable Production Timeline is intended for the Timetabling Unit, College/School Staff and Academics.