Semester 1 2022 Timetable Information

IMPORTANT UPDATE: Some information on this page has been amended due to operational changes made in light of COVID-19

The following amendments have been made to this page:

  • Precorded activities will be timetabled on Sunday from Semester 1 2022 onwards, in order to show on the timetable.  No real time attendance is required on Sunday.  

  • Administrative dates: 
  • 2022 Preliminary timetable (S1, X1) released to schools Wed 8 Dec 2021 via spreadsheets and published on the ANU timetable viewer on Mon 13 Dec 2021
  • 2022 Final timetable (S1, X1, X2) released Wed 15 Dec 2021 (TBC)

Semester 1 2022 Preliminary timetable

NB:  In some cases not all teaching activities are represented in this timetable. Students should consult with the Class Summary and Wattle for detailed information about the full range of class activities under each course.

The Semester 1 2022 Preliminary timetable (inlcuding any timetabled X1 courses) will be released mid week of the week beginning Mon 7 Dec 2021.  The Preliminary Timetable is a draft timetable for staff review prior to the final timetable.  There will be significant changes to the timetable during this review period for 2021, due to the operating COVID environment and resulting impacts on courses and staffing.  NB: If your Summer course (X1) is not timetabled, contact your school/college for details.  

Semester 1 2022 Final timetable

The Semester 1 2022 Final timetable (inlcuding any timetabled X1 & X2 courses) will be released Wed 15 Dec 2021. Due to the ongoing impacts of COVID, changes are still expected after the final release.   If a College approved change has been made to a course you are enrolled in, after the final timetable release, you should receive  notification from your school/college.   There may also be venue changes and added or removed sessions due to student enrolment numbers.  NB: If your Summer (X1) or Autumn course (x2) is not timetabled, contact your school/college for details.  

Please check your timetable regularly using the ANU timetable viewer:


Delivery types

There are 4 delivery types.  All will appear on the ANU timetable and will display the delivery type in the location column.  Prerecorded activities (previously not timetabled) will now appear on the timetable viewer. Prerecorded activities  will be timetabled on Sunday for timetabling purposes only.  No real time attendance is required.  There may be a small number of exceptions that are timetabled for a specific time during the week where schools have requested.  These will also not require  real time attendance and further details can be provided by your school 

  1. Online Live: These activities are delivered online in real time, with no physical location.  These will appear on the timetable, with 'online live' displayed in the location column.
  2. Prerecorded: The recording of these activities can be accessed online with no physical location.  They do not require a real time viewing. Unless requested otherwise they are set to appear on Sundays although they do not require viewing at any set time. Your course website is the best place to find more information about the availability of prerecorded material.    
  3. On Campus: These are real time activities delivered in a physical venue on campus.  These will appear on the timetable, with '_On campus' displayed after the room in the location column.  Social distancing will apply.  
  4. Dual Delivery: These activites accommodate both on campus and online participation in real time. Student attending physcially consent to the recording of the activity. Social distancing will apply.  

Contact the Student Centre or relevant College/School for timetable related enquiries and issues.