07 ANU Timetable Viewer

IMPORTANT: The Timetable Viewer is an ANU legacy system.  The Web Publisher was introduced in 2022 with the Class Allocation system.  We encourage students to use Web Publisher.  However the Timetable Viewer can still be accessed here for those who are more familiar with this product.

IMPORTANT: The Timetable Viewer 2023 is still available by clicking here.

At the ANU students have the opportunity to self-select courses that best suit them and their chosen Majors, Minors and/or Specialisations within their Program. Provided you are choosing courses in order, with foundation courses before later year courses, and you are choosing courses that are available within your Program, your course choices are entirely your own.

The ANU Timetable Viewer displays a read-only view of all timetabled classes for the relevant semester.  To access the viewer, click on the ANU Timetable Viewer button at the top right hand of this page.  This will take you to the ANU Timetable Viewer home page which contains useful information.  The ANU Timetable Viewer is refreshed at 15 minute intervals.

What is the difference between the ANU Timetable Viewer, MyTimetable and Web Publisher?

ANU Timetable Viewer

The ANU Timetable Viewer is for the purpose of view-only timetable information.  It is available to the public upon the release of the Preliminary Timetable Release and refreshes every 15 minutes

The ANU Timetable Viewer can help you both before you have chosen courses and after you have chosen/enrolled in courses. You can:

  • Make course decisions, by testing whether course times are clashing or on appropriate days/times for you to manage.
  • Organise yourself once you have enrolled in your chosen courses.
  • View room details

Web Publisher

Web Publisher is a companion product to the Class Allocation system MyTimetable.  Web Publisher is for the purpose of Planning your timetable.  It is available to staff and students upon the Final Timetable Release and refreshes every 30 minutes.  It provides similar functionality to the ANU Timetable Viewer with additional functions, enabling users to make use of filters, view in list or grid display, select single or multiple courses, and save & export a draft timetables in preparation for allocation.  Students are encouraged to transition from using the Timetable Viewer to using the Web Publisher .

enabling students to view the timetable for their enrolled courses, browse, then self-allocate to small teaching activities / tutorials so they can better plan their time. 


MyTimetable is for the purpose of Class Allocation.  Students can view the timetable for their enrolled course, then self allocate to small teaching activities/tutorials and see their allocations to single taught activities for large group sessions eg lectures so they can better plan their time.  They can also select to be put on waitlists for classes that were unavailable.    MyTimetable will also allow you to sync your allocated activities to your chosen electronic calendar or print a copy. To read more or access the system visit the Access MyTimetable webpage.