02 Semester 1 2024

Updated as of 28/11/2023

MyTimetable (MyTT)

  • MyTT opens to students for X1 & X2 courses (read only access unless otherwise requested by school) on date/time TBC

  • MyTT opens for student allocation for Semester 1 courses on5 Feb 2024 at 11am

  • MyTT closes to student allocation for Semester 1,  courses  on Fri 8 Mar 2023 at 5pm

Preliminary timetable


NB:  In some cases not all teaching activities are represented in this timetable. Students should consult with the Class Summary and Wattle for detailed information about the full range of class activities under each course.

The Preliminary Timetable is a draft timetable for staff review prior to the final timetable. Students should not use this to plan their timetable.  

Final timetable


The Semester 1 2024 Final timetable (including any timetabled X1 & X2 courses) will be released  at around 11am on 11 Dec 2023.  

Upon final release, students can view timetabled courses via Web Publisher (The ANU recommended tool) or the ANU Timetable Viewer.   The Web Publisher provides the ability to view, create and save a draft personal timetable, filter and export.  Links to both the Web Publisher and ANU Timetable Viewer, relevant guides and other useful information can be found on the MyTimetable Support webpage.

ANU utilises MyTimetable to enable students to view the timetable for their enrolled courses, browse, then self-allocate to small teaching activities / tutorials so they can better plan their time. 

Changes are expected after the final release and permitted with Dean or delegate approval.   If a College approved change has been made to a course you are enrolled in, after the final timetable release, you should receive  notification from your school/college.   There may also be venue changes and added or removed sessions due to student enrolment numbers.  NB: If your Summer (X1) or Autumn course (x2) is not timetabled, contact your school/college for details.  


Reference documents

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