Travel concessions

You may be eligible for student transport concessions.


Full-time students holding a valid ANU student card can receive a concession fare on ACTION buses within the ACT.


Full-time domestic students residing permanently in NSW and routinely commuting to ANU may be eligible to receive a NSW Transport concession. Students are considered to meet this criterion if they habitually sleep at and return to a residence within NSW on days when they are attending classes.

Students who believe they qualify for a NSW Transport Concessions should provide Student Central with proof of residency (mail or rental agreement with the address listed). Proof of commute (E-toll receipts, public transport tickets) may also be required. 

Unfortunately, ANU students are not eligible for the OPAL travel concession in Sydney as ANU students cannot meet the eligibility criteria as set out by Transport for New South Wales (TfNSW).  Further information about eligibility can be found on the TfNSW website.